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  • Title: 1989 Bmw 325ix Touring German Cars For Sale Blog
  • Author: Wendy Welch
  • Post Date: May 20, 2017
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2003 Bmw 325i Touring M Paket Autom Navi Leder Xenon Car Photo bmw 325i touring BMW 325i Touring German Cars For Sale Blog 1989 Bmw 325i Touring. 1989 BMW 325i Touring on eBay. Year 1989 One thought on “ 1989 BMW 325i Touring ” Pingback 1989 BMW 324TD Touring | German Cars For Sale Blog. Tag 325iX. 1989 BMW 325iX like this 325ix Touring we see here for sale in Essen, Germany. a 1989 BMW 325ix. Like that car we featured last week. With the advent of 2014, yet another model year of forbidden fruit opens up to us car enthusiast. This time around, it’s 1989. We’ve seen a few of. Paul, thanks for the exposure! This is truly a great little car. I picked it up while traveling in Europe and had a blast driving all over with it. 1989 BMW 325ix Touring January 23 Rally Cars For Rally Masters This car was built in January of 1989. BMW 325ix Touring is currently for sale in Ohio and might be worth the risk. This old and rare 1989 E30-generation BMW 325ix Touring BMW collectors. We knew the onslaught of E30 wagons was coming, but that doesn’t change the entertainment with which we watch these attractive but rarely seen (in the. I think the price is high. There was one for sale with 60k miles for $16k a year or so ago. 5spd, sunroof, but no headlight washers iirc. These have an. More wagons! Longroof E30s are popping up regularly these days, with quite a few in right hand drive configuration. They’re ending all up over the place.

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